Scene of the Day: Starry Stars & Stuff

Group Portrait from Starry Stars 25 Sept 2017

Today’s picture is a group portrait taken on Monday by Jenn in her own experience, called Starry Stars & Stuff, where this week’s casual meetups are taking place. (I’m in the centre in the blue blazer, with my hands in a karate pose!) This picture was posted to the Sansar Official Flickr photo pool.


Pick of the Day: A House on the Hill

A House on the Hill 3 27 Sept 2017.png

A House on the Hill is a brand-new experience by Theanine. It’s a rolling landscape dotted with houses and trees, with animated clouds passing through the sky.

A House on the Hill 1 27 Sept 2017

A House on the Hill 2 27 Sept 2017

The scene reminds me of a drawing in pastels. The many paths invite you to take a stroll and enjoy the sunny day as you explore!

Going to the Max for Maxwell Graf

Many of you in Sansar already know Maxwell Graf. He was one of the first few people invited into the then-closed beta test of Sansar, and I interviewed him about his experiences for the Sansar Newsblog. He’s been a constant and knowledgeable presence at countless in-world meetups. He has also created five memorable linked Sansar experiences, two of which were my Pick of the Day. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in Sansar.

Well, Max is going through an unfortunate real-life crisis at the moment; he posted this message to Plurk not too long ago:

Maxwell Graf

Today I heard about a special event, via Wagner James Au’s New World Notes blog, and I wanted to use the Sansar Newsblog to help spread the word. A group of Second Life content creators is banding together in a special fundraiser for Max:

Going to the Max 26 Sept 2017

You can support Max by attending the Going to the Max event, running from October 3rd-10th (more details forthcoming), or by going to his in-world store in Rustica in SL and buying some of his wonderful creations! Max also has a smaller selection of his creations up for sale on the Second Life Marketplace, if you’d prefer to do your shopping there rather than at his in-world store.

I must confess that I had such a belly-laugh reading the clever and witty titles on the spines of his books in his Ex Libris Modular Library Collection, that I bought the whole set to place in my Linden Lab home!

Maxwell Graf Ex Libris Modular Library Collection_001

Seriously, he must have spent hours on the texturing for the book spines! Here’s a close-up look at just one row of the books in his SL-centric book collection:


Max is a great guy, and he doesn’t deserve to have this shit happen to him. Anything you can do to help him out in his time of crisis would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


Sansar Store Spotlight: Agustine’s Horse Carousel

Horse Carousel 26 Sept 2017

I’ve already talked about how much I love Agustine’s horse carousel. Well, now Agustine has updated it with a keyframe animation, which means that it rotates much more smoothly than before! And, even better, it’s available for free in the Sansar Store for a limited time! Here’s the link to the Store listing for the updated item.

Pick of the Day: FOXIS Island

Foxis 26 Sept 2017.png

FOXIS Island, created by Nobby, is clearly intended to be a gathering and social spot, with eight teleporters arranged around a central plaza to take you to various parts of the experience, like the beach, the pine forest or the mountaintop.

The interior of the German club, just off the main plaza, is warm and inviting. Too bad you can’t sit down yet, and have a beer!

Foxis 2 26 Sept 2017.png

Pick of the Day: Bowling Alley

Bowling Alley 2 25 Sept 2017.png

Gindipple has created an experience called Bowling Alley, with a number of scripted objects. As you might expect by the name, there’s a bowling lane where you can play two ways:

  1. If you’re in a VR headset with hand controllers, you can simply pick up the bowling ball and throw it towards the pins.
  2. If you’re on the desktop, you can use text chat commands to “throw” the ball (see the image below).

Bowling Alley 3 25 Sept 2017.png

There’s a few other games to play, such as a supersize tic-tac-toe game (you will need to have hand controllers to move the pieces):

Bowling Alley 4 25 Sept 2017.png

Finally, there an interactive double fan that you can control using the number keys on your keyboard.

Bowling Alley 25 Sept 2017.png

It’s an interesting demonstration of Sansar’s scripting abilities, which use the C# (C Sharp) programming language. Unfortunately, Gindipple tells me that most of the scripts he wrote broke after the latest Sansar update, so you might want to save a visit to this experience for a sometime later on.