Scene of the Day: Maya City


Maya City 14 Sept 2017.png

This scene is from Maya City by Retro Metallic (a.k.a. Avon Xeno).


Scene of the Day: Purple Haze

Purple haze, all in my brain
Lately things they don’t seem the same
Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why
Excuse me while I kiss the sky

— Jimi Hendrix

Purple Haze 13 Sept 2017.png

Purple Haze is the name of this trippy mushroom experience, created (appropriately enough) by a Sansar user named Purple!

Scene of the Day: Sponza

Sponza 10 September 2017

This picture was taken at Sponza, by Cale Flanagan, who says of his experience:

The model of the Sponza atrium (made by Marko Dabrovic and Frank Meinl) is a test scene for global illumimation / radiosity. This is an adaption for Sansar with slight fixing and enhancements.