Scene of the Day: Fishing Monsters

Fishing Monsters 30 August 2017

This image of the Fishing Monsters experience by Ux Hax was taken by Tim Deschanel and placed in the Flickr Group Sansar Official.



Scene of the Day: Lusk Test

Lusk Test 29 August 2017

This picture should look familiar to those of you who have visited Luskwood in Second Life! Created in 2003 at the start of Second Life, Luskwood is home to SL’s vast furry population. Sansar user OldVamp has started building a version of Luskwood over at his Lusk Test experience. There’s not much to see yet, but it’s a promising start! Watch for more to come.

Scene of the Day: Toppleton Toy Town

Sansar I Toppleton Toy Town

This image (by Eve Kazan) was taken in the Sansar experience by Sansar Studios called Toppleton Town Town. It was posted to the Flickr group Sansar Experiences (Travel).

Basically, your goal is to bump into and disrupt as much of the moveable scenery as possible! If you have an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR headset with hand controllers, you can also pick up and toss around the little cars and other objects. Great fun for those days when you need to release some real-world frustrations! Very cathartic!

Scene of the Day: Zen Garden

Sansar flight_2017-08-13-94

This picture of Sansar Studios’ popular Zen Garden experience, called simply “Sansar Flight”, was taken by Jamisson Burnstein and posted to the Sansar Flickr group. If you time it right, you can catch the red air taxi as it lands and takes off from the edge of the platform next to the swimming pool, and go for a spin around Zen Garden!

Scene of the Day: Egyptian Tomb

Sansar I Egyptian Tomb

Today’s Scene of the Day is the amazing Egyptian Tomb, by Sansar Studios. According to a blogpost by Inara Pey, Sorbonne University and Insight Digital supplied a model of the ancient Egyptian tomb of Nakhtamon – TT341 in Thebes, Egypt, created as a part of a project for the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. This model was optimized and imported into Sansar to create this experience.

This image was taken by Eve Kazan and posted to the Sansar Flickr photo pool.