Scene of the Day: White Out: Are You Sure You Want to Exit Sansar?

Today we had a casual meetup at White Out, a winter experience by Debi Baskerville. I have noticed that sometimes, when you exit out of Sansar while still wearing your VR headset, you get a funny, off-kilter display of the verification message on your computer monitor when you take off your headset. The message lasts only a few seconds. I took a screen capture of it today!

Are you sure you want to exit Sansar 28 Dec 2017.png


Scene of the Day: Voyage Live: Egypt

Today’s Scene of the Day is from the Voyage Live: Egypt experience, where this morning’s Sansar Product Meetup was held.

Product Meetup at Egypt 21 Dec 2017.png

In addition to Jenn (the Community Manager for Sansar), Nyx, Brett and Torley from Linden Lab were also present at the meeting to answer questions.


Scene of the Day: Picnic at Mr. Darcy’s

This is the second meetup where we were all dressed differently, as you can see from this photo! No more clones!!!

Meetup at Mr Darcy's Picnic19 Dec 2017.png

Theanine is the one in the bear full-body outfit, which he made himself. Yes, we now officially have furries in Sansar! Here’s a close-up:

Theanine Bear 19 Dec 2017

If you’re interested in just the head, Theanine has placed his teddy bear head up for sale in the Sansar Store for S$60 (male avatars only).

Scene of the Day: Darkwood Forest

Well, that didn’t take long! We have our first picture of “naked” avatars!

Scene of the Day 18 Dec 2017.jpg

SIN took this picture in the Darkwood Forest experience where there was the first meetup after the Fashion Release. And there’s a back shot too!

Scene of the Day 2 18 Dec 2017.jpg

Scene of the Day: Winter Wonderland

I haven’t done a Scene of the Day for a long time, so here is one! This post doubles as a brief report of the Product Meetup. As usual, I will leave it to Inara Pey to do her usual professional job of reporting in detail on these meetings, and just link to it. (Thank you for the valuable service you are providing to the Sansar community, Inara!)

This morning’s Sansar Product Meetup was held in Beverly Zauberflote’s Winter Wonderland experience. We did have some problems with instancing, where some people ended up in a duplicate version of the experience, wondering where everybody else was. It took a few minutes to sort it all out.

Along with Jenn, Brett, Carolyn and Nyx from Linden Lab were present to answer our questions.

Winter Wonderland 15 Dec 2017

The first version of access controls for experiences will be part of the next release of the Sansar software, where you can restrict access to your experience to people on your friends list. People will also be able to create and sell clothing on the Sansar Store, as has been reported before, but runtime cloth simulation (cloth physics) will not be part of the upcoming fashion release next week. There will also be updates to scripting abilities, which the C# programmers among us will no doubt welcome.

It does sound that Linden Lab is still going ahead with their controversial decision to allow consumers to retexture items taken out of inventory and placed in their experiences. Some creators who disagree strongly with this decision have said that they will not place items up for sale in the Sansar Store until Linden Lab implements a comprehensive permissions system. There was quite a bit of discussion about this today.

Jenn stressed again that consumers who retexture items will not be able to take them back into inventory or resell them, and that people will not be allowed to retexture clothing and attachments. Both Jenn and Carolyn stressed that Linden Lab is taking people’s concerns about this matter very seriously.

Scene of the Day: The Diner

We first visited this experience back in September, but C3rb3rus has updated it with a 1950’s-style drive-in movie theatre, and a little something extra:

The Diner 2 14 Oct 2017

I will also say, that The Diner is the first Sansar experience to give me a genuine fright (and no, I’m not going to tell you where!).