Scene of the Day: Metaverse Newscast Studio

Metaverse Newscast Studio 28 Sept 2017.png

Today’s scene is from the snazzy studio built by Tyler Scarborough (a.k.a. Dynamic Evolution) for the upcoming Metaverse Newscast! We’ve decided to put off launching the Metaverse Newscast until November at the earliest because we still have a lot of details to work out, but at least we have this great studio! Thanks, Tyler!


Scene of the Day: Starry Stars & Stuff

Group Portrait from Starry Stars 25 Sept 2017

Today’s picture is a group portrait taken on Monday by Jenn in her own experience, called Starry Stars & Stuff, where this week’s casual meetups are taking place. (I’m in the centre in the blue blazer, with my hands in a karate pose!) This picture was posted to the Sansar Official Flickr photo pool.

Scene of the Day: Kisses

Kisses 24 Sept 2017

This is Kisses, by Livio Korobase. He describes this experience as:

A collection of kisses, featuring Brancusi, Rodin, classic statues and strange people. Always work in progress, just a little start. Some statues come from Scan The World, “a community built museum of the future archiving the world’s sculptures, statues and artifacts using 3D scanning and printing technology”.

Scene of the Day: 5-A-Side Soccer Stadium

Five A Side Soccer Stadium 23 Sept 2017

This is 5-A-Side Soccer Stadium, where you and your friends can play a game of soccer. The creator, JackTheRipper, says:

Play 5-a-side Soccer (Football) with your buddies or just have a kick-about in the 5-A-Side stadium. First team to net 3 balls is the winner!