Sansar Store Spotlight: Agustine’s Horse Carousel

Horse Carousel 26 Sept 2017

I’ve already talked about how much I love Agustine’s horse carousel. Well, now Agustine has updated it with a keyframe animation, which means that it rotates much more smoothly than before! And, even better, it’s available for free in the Sansar Store for a limited time! Here’s the link to the Store listing for the updated item.


Sansar Store Spotlight: Augustine’s Animated Raging Waters

Agustine (a prolific Sansar content creator whom I have profiled before) has shared a YouTube video with us showing the animated water he has been working on!

Isn’t that amazing??!?  And for a limited time, he is making his creation available for free in the Sansar Store! Here’s the link.

Animated Raging Waters 24 Sept 2017

Sansar Store Spotlight: Cat’s Bindi and Earrings

I just discovered this beautiful bindi-and-earrings matched set on the Sansar Store! Cat made them with an animated texture that creates a sort of shimmering effect. They come in five different colours: silver, blue, red, gold, and black. And they’re only S$99 (US$0.99 or CDN$1.21) each!

Bindi and Earrings by Cat 19 Sept 2017

They attach on the earrings slot as shown here (note that the bindi and the earrings are worn as one attached item; you cannot wear them separately):

Bindi and Earrings by Cat 2 19 Sept 2017

Here’s a shot of Vanity Fair wearing her new gold bindi and matching earrings in the Sponza atrium experience:

Bindi and Earrings by Cat 3 19 Sept 2017


Sansar Store Spotlight: Alfy

Alfy has put quite a number of his avatar attachments up for sale in the Sansar Store. Here’s his outlaw cowboy hat with attached kerchief (S$250, about US$2.50 or CDN$3.06) on my avatar:

Alfy's Cowboy Hat and Kerchief 14 Sept 2017

The cowboy hat is also available with the kerchief in an American flag pattern (same price).

Alfy also has some cool avatar head replacements. Here’s his Minotaur head (S$500, about US$5.00 or CDN$6.11):

Alfy's Minotaur Head 14 Sept 2017

And here’s his gorilla head, also for S$500:

Alfy's Gorilla Head 14 Sept 2017


Sansar Store Spotlight: The Creations of Tina Fayet

Sansar creator Tina Fayet (whose steampunk wings I profiled in an earlier blogpost) is holding a 25% off sale on her items in the Sansar Store only for another 24 hours! She’s got some pretty neat stuff up for sale already:

Tina Fayet Store Listings 11 Sept 2017

Here is my supermodel avatar, Vanity Fair, wearing Tina’s Druid Neck Dress and Druid’s Bracelet:

Vanity Fair Wearing Tina Fayet's Druid Items 11 Sept 2017

Vanity Fair Wearing Tina Fayet's Druid Items 2 11 Sept 2017

These pictures were taken in the Floating Temple experience by C3rb3rus.


Sansar Store Spotlight: Twisted Tree with Grassy Base

This is the first of a series of regular blogposts I will be doing, where I spotlight an item available from the Sansar Store. Today’s item is a Twisted Tree with Grassy Base, created by Sansar landscape artist Alex Skye (known as Alex Bader, owner of Studio Skye in Second Life: Marketplace). It sells for S$350, which is about $3.50 American or $4.44 Canadian. You can visit Alex’s new studio experience in Sansar, Studio Skye Hello, to see his tree in-world:

New Tree in Ryan's Garden 4 11 August 2017

Or you can come over to my Ryan’s Garden experience to see where I planted it. From the spawn point (the spot where you arrive), just go around to the other side of the white stone fence, turn left, and follow the island’s shoreline and you can’t miss it! Here are some shots of Alex’s mesh handiwork. I especially like the little details, such as the tiny daisies sprouting from the mound of soil at the base of the tree.

New Tree in Ryan's Garden 11 August 2017

New Tree in Ryan's Garden 3 11 August 2017

New Tree in Ryan's Garden 2 11 August 2017