Pick of the Day: Through the WaterFall: Enter Another World

I’ve been meaning to cover this one for quite a while, and never got around to it until today! This is an experience created by Jasmine Moonflower Gardner (the content creator behind Sweet Tea Couture in Second Life).

Through the Waterfall 20 Sept 2017

This experience won a $2,500 prize for Best Narrative Design in an Experience in the recent Sansar Creator Challenge. Jasmine told me that there’s also a companion website called Through the Waterfall (although there’s not much there yet).

This experience can be a little disorienting at first (perhaps this is what Jasmine intended). You materialize on top of a large wooden table, where a video plays in a loop on a black card laid upon it. It quickly becomes apparent that you move from scene to scene using the special keys which you see lying around.

Through the Waterfall 2 20 Sept 2017

Each scene carries the feeling that you are witnessing a dream/nightmare or some sort of flashback. I won’t spoil the impact of Through the Waterfall: Enter Another World by going any further; I want you to visit it and experience it yourself!


Pick of the Day: City Park

City Park 18 Sept 2017

City Park is a well-done night-time urban landscape by Lex4art. Wander around the park, check out the art installations and video screens. and visit the sandbox to play with the flashlight boxes and many other items! (Even if you don’t have a VR headset and hand controllers, you can still move the objects around by running into them!)

City Park 3 18 Sept 2017

City Park 2 18 Sept 2017

Pick of the Day: Clockworks Club

Yes, I know, an older version of the Clockworks Club was my Pick of the Day back on August 8th, 2017. But Galen has updated his experience and it’s just so good it’s worth a revisit.

Clockworks Club 17 Sept 2017.png

In the description of the new Clockworks Club experience, Galen says:

This rave-like club design demonstrates just some of the incredible dynamics you can have in Sansar, even before animated mesh makes its debut. All the animated objects keep perfect time with the dance music. Learn more about Clockworks scripts at: http://www.metaversemachines.com/clockworks/

Here’s a link to Galen’s scripts available through the Sansar Store.

Pick of the Day: My Brain-Attic

My Brain-Attic 2 15 Sept 2017

My Brain-Attic is a dimly lit art experience by theoxyz, set to menacing, foreboding music and the sound of a human heartbeat. You can feel the sense of menace in the air as you wander around the art installations, inside what appears to be someone’s brain. It’s a very well done experience, and well worth a visit. (When you see it inside a VR headset, it appears a little brighter than it would appear from these images, taken as screen captures from the desktop version of Sansar.)

My Brain-Attic 15 Sept 2017

Pick of the Day: Ryan’s Garden

Ryan's Garden 14 Sept 2017

Yes, I am being lazy today! I am picking my own first published Sansar experience, Ryan’s Garden, as my Pick of the Day. This is an outdoors experience based on one of the default Sansar scenes, and populated with trees I purchased from the Sansar Store from various creators. I have also used this experience to show some of my very first mesh creations using tools such as Blender, Oculus Medium, and Tilt Brush. For example, the snowman you see in the picture above was created using the Oculus Medium sculpting tool, then imported into Blender to colour it, then exported as an FBX file and placed into my experience near the spawn point. The large daisy you see was brought in from 3D Paint.

Ryan's Garden 4 14 Sept 2017

Ryan's Garden 2 14 Sept 2017.png

Nearby are a table and a couple of chairs, simple mesh objects that I made and textured using Blender.

If you follow the sound of the calliope music into the forest, you will find my prize possession: a rotating carousel created by Agustine! The carousel really needs a proper keyframe animation, it has a bit of a hiccup in its current script, and I need the shrubs around it to keep it from wandering off, but hey, it works!

Ryan's Garden 3 14 Sept 2017

Ryan’s Garden is proof that you do not need to be experienced in expensive, complicated content creation tools such as 3DS Max or Maya in order to put together a Sansar experience. Linden Lab has billed Sansar as “a WordPress for social VR“, and I have found this to be true.

Pick of the Day: Learn to Create Materials

Learn to Create Materials 4 13 Sept 2017.png

Learn to Create Materials is a different kind of experience. It’s meant to be a introduction on how to create your own materials for use in Sansar. The spawn point is located in front of a large sign which explains:

Creating your own materials is actually very easy. Here we’ll discuss what a material is and what it’s made of. When you look around in this virtual world, you’re seeing materials all around you. The easiest way to explain them is that materials (also called shaders) create all the colors on the surfaces you see. They determine if something is blue, green, or red. They make things shiny or metal. They can also add small details like bumps in the sidewalk or make bricks appear to stick out of a wall.

The experience is broken up into separate bays, each bay focusing on a particular topic. The first bay provides an introduction to the basics of light and colour:

Learn to Create Materials 3 13 Sept 2017.png

Later bays talk about such things as albedo maps, normal maps, and roughness maps.

Learn to Create Materials 1 13 Sept 2017.png

This is a great idea, and very well executed! Bravo to Azriel Drumheller for creating this useful three-dimensional tutorial!

Learn to Create Materials 2 13 Sept 2017.png

Pick of the Day: oYo Galaxy Time Gate

Oyo Galaxy Time Gate 2 12 Sept 2017

The oYo Galaxy Time Gate experience by Alfy has a real Star Wars feel to it. It’s a large compound on some alien planet, with many wonderful details. Even has an alien species lying on the operating table in the medical laboratory!

Oyo Galaxy Time Gate 3 12 Sept 2017

Oyo Galaxy Time Gate 4 12 Sept 2017

Oyo Galaxy Time Gate 5 12 Sept 2017

Oyo Galaxy Time Gate 12 Sept 2017