Pick of the Day: Scream Estate

Scream Estate is a Hallowe’en-themed Sansar experience by JCat. When you arrive, you are greeted with the following sign:

Scream Estate 22 Oct 2017.png

One of the biggest problems in Sansar so far is the lighting of experiences. Users in a VR headset see experiences lit much brighter than desktop (non-VR) Sansar users. JCat is to be commended for coming up with an elegant solution to this problem. Behind this sign is located a cobblestone plate that, when you walk on it, automatically brightens the Scream Estate experience for desktop users!

JCat explains how this magic was done:

The stepping stone has a volume trigger which activates Galen’s people sensor…..
I have a light in the center of the experience — way off the one side and far underneath the landscape (so it’s dark at first)…
The light is attached to a tiny object…which has Galen’s position script. When someone steps on the cobblestone. The position script lifts the object with the light all the way above the experience, so now it lights it up.
The one problem… if you’re in VR, and someone else is in desktop at the same time… it gets too bright for VR users, and by far, it is not as creepy. The experience for VR users is automatically set to correct lighting. Desktop is much darker (by default) than when in VR.
A very clever solution!
Scream Estate features a wandering maze of a house, you never know what you will encounter just around the corner!
Scream Estate 3 22 Oct 2017
JCat’s experience is well worth a visit, if for no other reason than to test out his ingenious solution to an experience lighting problem that bedevils many Sansar creators.

Pick of the Day: Haunted Castle

Haunted Castle is a Hallowe’en experience created by MB Robonaught, who is perhaps best known for her Kustom Klassics line of Second Life vehicles. You find yourself in a dimly-lit series of corridors inside a stone castle, with mice scurrying along the floor at your feet.

Haunted Castle 2 21 Oct 2017.png

A restless ghost wanders the hallways. Keep exploring the castle rooms until you discover who this ghostly woman is!

Haunted Castle 1 21 Oct 2017

Pick of the Day: M2D The Border

M2D The Border is by Mario2 Helstein, who also did the previous Pick of the Day M2D Organic.

M2D Halloween 2 17 Oct 2017

Once again, there are lots of organic-looking components, and some really good use of animations! The only complaint that I would have about this experience is that the background music is set perhaps a bit too loud, although it is dreamy and atmospheric and adds to the overall tone.

Pick of the Day: JoyRide

JoyRide, created by Alex Bader of Studio Skye, is a thoroughly enjoyable VR experience!

JoyRide 17 Oct 2017

As Alex says in his description of the experience:

Follow the path, don’t stray. Keep on walking all the way. Studio Skye presents a Halloween journey to oblivion. This is a VR-optimized experience, so strap on your headset and get fully immersed. If you don’t have VR yet, turn off the light, get close to your screen, get some headphones on and enjoy!

I’m not going to spoil this at all, I’ll simply share a photo of the starting point. And a word of advice: please set aside some time to explore this one.

Pick of the Day: Stasis Interrupted

Tyler Scarborough has created a different kind of scary Hallowe’en experience, one set in a world of space station corridors filled with hanging, gently swinging biostasis pods.

Stasis Interuppted 17 Oct 2017

As you pass by, you hear a female computer voice giving a warning about cryogenic systems. As you continue to explore, you get an uneasy feeling that something is very seriously wrong on this space station!

Experience link: Stasis Interrupted – Chapter 1

Pick of the Day: Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat 15 Oct 2017

Solas and SIN teamed up to create this fun Hallowe’en experience! Grab your free trick-or-treat basket from the Sansar Store and hit the houses on this street!

SIN writes:

Hey Guys & Ghouls,

Solas & I are proud to present a fun Trick or Treat Experience (great in both VR & Desktop):

YOUR LIMO AWAITS -> https://atlas.sansar.com/experiences/sin/trick-or-treat

As the evening draws near and the light disappears,

Take to the street with anticipation of fear,

Go door to door asking for delights,

Not knowing the dangers that dwell in the night.


HINT: ~Find your way through the Crypt to join our Spooky Halloween Party~

Trick or Treat 16 Oct 2017


Pick of the Day: Miner Difficulties

Miner Difficulties 15 October 2017

Galen has been busy! He says:

Jasmine and I have been working most of our waking hours this past month to bring out our best contributions to the Halloween contest. I split my time between Alfy’s (Subway Nightmare) and Jasmine’s “Miner Difficulties”:


Jasmine is a storyteller. She follows up her award-winning Through the Waterfall experience with this second story and really hits it out of the park with an excellent build and a concept that is both whimsical and blood-curdling.

I am not going to say anything about this experience (beyond posting a photo of the initial scene above) and I am going to ask you to just go and see it for yourself. Jasmine and Galen have outdone themselves here! Excellent work and excellent narrative! This is one of the best immersive Sansar experiences that I have ever visited! This is definitely a contender for Sansar’s Scariest Experience contest, the deadline of which is today.