Outfit Outlay: Necklaces!

Time for another Sansar fashion blogpost! Today Vanity Fair is going to model some of the necklaces available for sale (even some for free!) in the Sansar Store. (All pictures were taken in the Valencia experience by Theanine.)

First up is a gorgeous nature-inspired necklace with gemstone flowers and leaves by Cora, only S$50 (US$0.50 or CDN$0.62):

Necklaces 1 14 Oct 2017

Necklaces 2 14 Oct 2017

Next up is a pretty gold heart necklace by Edith Legend, a real steal at only five Sansar dollars (US$0.05 or CDN$0.06)!

Necklaces 4 14 Oct 2017

This blue dragonfly necklace is by Talevin, and costs only S$50 (US$0.50 or CDN$0.62):

Necklaces 5 14 Oct 2017

Finally, here are two free necklaces! The first free necklace is one of several Hallowe’en-themed necklaces by SIN, a bat with glow-in-the-dark eyes:

Necklaces 6 14 Oct 2017

And if you’re really into the glow-in-the-dark thing, here’s a rainbow glow necklace by Cat, also available for free in the Sansar Store!

Necklaces 3 14 Oct 2017


Outfit Outlay: Witch

Hallowe’en is coming soon, which is always a big deal in virtual worlds such as Second Life. Sansar will be no exception! (I do know that Hallowe’en is one of the favourite holidays of Jenn, the Lead Community Manager of both Second Life and Sansar.)

Linden Lab is helping to promote Hallowe’en in Sansar with not one but two big contests: one contest for top avatar attachments (including a best Hallowe’en attachement) and a second contest for scariest Hallowe’en experience.

So today we turn to the Sansar Store to pick out three items by Debi Baskerville that you can use to create a complete witch outfit. First there’s a witch’s hat complete with netting, selling for S$100 (about US$1.00 or CDN$1.23):

Debi Baskerville Witches Hat 24 Sept 2017

You can add to this a witch’s black cloak, also for sale for S$100:

Debi Baskerville WItches Cloak 24 Sept 2017.png

And as a finishing touch, a witch’s broom (also for S$100):

Debi Baskerville WItches Broom 24 Sept 2017.png

So for a total outfit outlay of S$300 (about US$3.00 or CDN$3.70), you can put together a look that is ready for the trick-or-treaters on Hallowe’en! Here Vanity Fair is sporting the complete witch’s outfit at the Lord Byron Vampire Village, a suitably Hallowe’eny experience! Note that the black cloak is a static attachment, and so it doesn’t move with the avatar’s body the way that a fitmesh clothing item would in Second Life.

Witches Outfit 24 Sept 2017.png

But Bjorn Laurin, Vice President of Product at Linden Lab, has apparently gone on record at last Friday’s product meetup that we can expect to see an avatar fashion market (complete with cloth physics!) before the end of 2017, which is exciting news! This is sooner than Bjorn’s original estimated delivery date of March 2018, as reported earlier. I’m eagerly looking forward to this development!

Witches Outfit 2 24 Sept 2017.png

Outfit Outlay: Be A Rock!

I’m in a goofy mood tonight, and this just fits the bill perfectly! Silas Merlin has put his wonderfully goofy rock outfit up on the Sansar Store. For only S$100 (about US$1.00 or CDN$1.23), you too can “not be seen”!

Wearable Rock 23 Sept 2017

Shortly after Silas created this rock attachment, Linden lab foolishly restricted the size of avatar attachments to less than one meter in any dimension, so nobody else can make or sell this size of attachment anymore. I think that was a short-sighted decision and I am appealing to Linden Lab to loosen that restriction.

Outfit Outlay: Highlander/Minotaur

Time for another rummage in the closet to pull together a look! This time I bought the Highlands Outfit for Male Avatar from the Sansar Store for S$400 (about US$4.00 or CDN$4.88).

Highlands Outfit 16 Sept 2017

The detail on this outfit, as with all the clothing sold by Sansar Studios, is very well done. I paired this outfit with the Minotaur head I purchased yesterday at Alfy’s 50% off sale, which is still going on as of today. The head attaches over the default male avatar head via the eyeglasses attachment slot, as shown here:

Highlander Outfit 2 16 Sept 2017.png

I took my Highlander Minotaur out for a walk in Maxwell Graf’s Rune experience.

Highlander Outfit 4 16 Sept 2017

Highlander Outfit 3 16 Sept 2017.png

Outfit Outlay: Red Nails, Green Eyes, and Fairy Wings!

It’s still rather lonely being the first (and, so far, only) fashion blogger in Sansar! But with the latest release of the software, creators can now sell avatar attachments in the Sansar Store. That, to me, really marks the beginning of the fashion market! Here’s a link to all the wearables available for sale, sorted in order by newest items first.

Also new in this latest release is the ability to set your nail colour! Here’s what this looks like in the Avatar Customization module, under the Skintone & Body tab:

Outfit Outlay Pick Your Nail Colour Here 10 Sept 2017

You can pick one of the six pre-selected colours, or if you wish, you can click on the multicoloured circle to customize your nails to any colour you wish:

Outfit Outlay Pick Your Nail Colour 2 10 Sept 2017

Here I chose a slightly brighter shade of red for my fashion model avatar Vanity Fair’s nail colour.

Now, let’s get shopping! Debi Baskerville has already put a number of items up for sale in the Sansar Store, eyes, wings, and even a bag to cover your head for those days when you’re feeling particularly ugly!

Outfit Outlay Debi Baskerville Items for Sale 10 Sept 2017

I bought myself a pair of pretty light green eyes for only S$75 (US$0.75 or CDN$0.91). You attach them to your avatar under the Accessories tab in the eyeglasses slot:

Outfit Outlay Light Green Eyes 10 Sept 2017

I also bought the lovely translucent fairy wings for S$200 (US$2.00 or CDN$2.43). It took me a second to figure out how to attach them. They are located on the necklace slot in the Accessories tab, as shown here:Outfit Outlay Fairy Wings 10 Sept 2017

As Debi mentions in her store listing, Linden Lab has (short-sightedly, in my opinion) restricted the size of avatar attachments to one metre in each dimension. That’s so that you do not block other avatars with oversized attachments like walls or boulders! However, these fairy wings are a grandfathered item because Debi created them before that restriction was enacted! I have a feeling that Linden Lab will ease that restriction somewhat, once they realize that you can have items like this that do not pose an impediment to other avatars around you!

Here are a couple more shots of Debi’s fairy wings, taken in the Fairy Tale Island experience by GlitchNovastar. Notice the transparency of the wings in the photo of Vanity’s back! Debi did a wonderful job with these wings.

Outfit Outlay Fairy WIngs 3 10 Sept 2017

Outfit Outlay Fairy Wings 2 10 Sept 2017

So, what are you waiting for? Fly over to the Sansar Store and get your own pair!

Outfit Outlay: Cowboy

It’s lonely being the first (and so far, only) fashion blogger in Sansar. (Now I know how the Maytag Repairman used to feel.)

As I said before, Sansar Studios is currently the only game in town when it comes to avatar fashion. The Western Outfit for Male Avatar is available for S$400 (about US$4.00 or CDN$5.06) on the Sansar Store.

Cowboy 18 August 2017

Here’s a closeup of the Western Hat for Male Avatar, available for S$100 (about US$1.00 or CDN$1.27):

Cowboy Hat 18 August 2017

The hat comes with a beard attached, which is kind of annoying if you prefer your cowboys to be clean-shaven. As I mentioned before, you can tint the cowboy’s hair any colour you like (but unfortunately, you cannot tint the beard). Also, I noticed that the beard is hovering slightly off of the default avatar’s face on both sides of the face near the ears.

Here’s my avatar all dressed up in his new cowboy outfit, at the Sansar experience Hootenanny, by Lillani.  (It is just me, or does he have a slight paunch?)

Cowboy 2 18 August 2017

The detail on this outfit, like the other outfits that Sansar Studios is selling, is very good. Here’s a closeup of that belt buckle, also showing the stitching detail on the shirt and the blue jeans:

Cowboy 3 18 August 2017

So saddle up, partner! Slap on your Stetson and head on down to Hootenanny and try your hand at horseshoes and other fun games.

Outfit Outlay: Highlander

You know, it’s lonely being the first (and only) fashion blogger in Sansar. Sometimes I feel like I am a million miles away from everyone else, far, far, away in the Highlands….

Highlander Vanity Fair 7 9 August 2017

As I have said in an earlier blogpost, Sansar Studios is currently the only company making and selling avatar clothing in Sansar. Here Vanity Fair is wearing the Highlands Oufit for Female Avatar (S$400) and the Highlands Hair for Female Avatar (S$100) for a total outfit outlay of 500 Sansar dollars for the look you see here. (That works out to about $6.34 Canadian/$5.00 American.)

You might not have known that the hairstyle is tintable to any shade you desire: blonde, brunette, white, black, grey, purple, pink, you name it. To tint your purchased hair, just go into avatar customization, click the little comb icon on the left hand side to bring up the hairstyles palette, then select the hair you want to colour so that your avatar is wearing it.  Click the coloured circle pointed to by the red arrow in the diagram below:

Highlander Vanity Fair Tint Hair Colour 9 August 2017

A colour chart will pop up, and you can select any shade you desire. Easy! I tinted this Highlander hairstyle a lighter brown than the default colour so that it stands out a bit more from the dark brown fur on the collar of this outfit.

Here’s a few close-ups of the amazing cloth, leather and chain-mail texture work on this garment. Check out the fur on those boots! Some poor virtual animal had to suffer 😉

Highlander Vanity Fair 5 9 August 2017Highlander Vanity Fair 6 9 August 2017Highlander Vanity Fair 4 9 August 2017

Appropriately enough, these photos were all taken in the Sansar experience called Highlands.