Atlas Hopping with Drax and Berry in Sansar, Episode Two

Drax at Dwarven Fortress 10 August 2017

Drax standing in front of a building at the Dwarven Fortress (screencap from his live stream today)

Today Draxtor Despres, Strawberry Singh, me, and a bunch of other people met at 114 Harvest for another atlas-hopping adventure! The three experiences we visited today were:

  1. The Roof, by Lenni Foxtrot
  2. The Silence, by Omiluo
  3. Dwarven Fortress (formerly Dwarven City), by David Hall

Both Strawberry and Drax live streamed the event. They stayed together for the first two stops, but at the Dwarven Fortress, they separated. Drax interviewed Maxwell Graf while Berry talked with David Hall and Ai Austin in a different part of the experience, so you might just want to watch both streams to get the full picture of what happened.

Strawberry Singh: Atlas-Hopping in Linden Lab’s Sansar with Berry and Drax (she was using Sansar on the desktop)

Draxtor Despres: Atlas-Hopping with Drax and Berry in Sansar (he was using Sansar in his VR headset)

Once again the friendly bickering and rivalry between Drax and Strawberry was highly entertaining. Notice how Berry and Drax cannot even agree on what to call the show, and in what order their names should be? LOL! 😉

Again, it was a lot of fun! Thanks to Drax and Strawberry for hosting!

Update August 11th: Lenni Foxtrot shared this great photo on Facebook of our tour group gathered at her experience The Roof. She made the large purple-and-yellow flower you see in this picture herself using Microsoft Windows’ Paint 3D program, which allows amateur designers to create an FBX-format object that can be directly uploaded into a Sansar experience! Lenni says in her Facebook post:

They came to the silly spot I made. They cared that I gave it an amatuer shot, and rezzed a few things from Paint 3D. And we laughed a lot. A community in Sansar takes off!

Atlas Hopping with Drax and Berry 10 August 2017


Atlas Hopping with Drax and Strawberry (Episode Two) on Thursday August 10th

After our highly enjoyable first foray into Atlas Hopping last Saturday, Draxtor Despres has announced that he, Strawberry Singh, me, and whoever else wants to join us, are going on another Atlas Hopping adventure this coming Thursday, August 10th at 9:00 a.m. Sansar time (Pacific Time). Come join us in-world at Drax’s 114 Harvest experience, which will be our starting point for our metaverse (mis)adventures.

If you cannot join us in-world, then watch either Drax’s or Strawberry’s live streaming of the event on YouTube (here’s Drax’s channel and here’s Strawberry’s channel). We had great fun at our last Atlas Hopping event, so please come out and join us!

Update August 10th: Strawberry Singh has written a great post on her blog about this! She and Drax are now planning to do a weekly show on Saturdays called Atlas-Hopping in Sansar with Berry and Drax!

Scene of the Day: Felsenmeer

Felsenmeer by Silas Merlin Screenshot 5 August 2017

This panoramic scene is a screenshot from Draxtor Despres’s video of our Atlas Hopping adventure yesterday afternoon (which I highly recommend you watch if you missed Drax’s live stream of the event). I am standing on a hilltop, looking out over the wide expanse of countryside. This experience is by French artist Silas Merlin, and it is called Felsenmeer (German for “sea of rocks”). Silas has a large number of his artistic works on display in this experience, and it is so wonderful to be able to walk around and look at his art in this beautiful environment. Silas also has a number of his artworks and creations listed for sale in the Sansar Store, that you can purchase and install in your own experiences.

Atlas Hopping with Drax and Strawberry

Atlas Hopping in Sansar 5 August 2017

I haven’t had so much fun in the metaverse in ages!! For the past hour and a half, Second Life celebrities Draxtor Despres and Strawberry Singh have led a merry band of followers from experience to experience within Sansar. If memory serves me correctly, we started our journey at Drax’s own experience at 114 Harvest, then we went to Felsenmeer to see Silas Merlin’s wonderful artworks and admire the view from the tower on the hill. From there, we went on to Neptune’s Revenge where its creator Maxwell Graf met us, and then finally we all went over to City Park, an urban environment by Lex4art. Whew!

Both Strawberry Singh and Draxtor Despres live-streamed this afternoon’s entire event (here’s Drax’s stream and here’s Strawberry’s stream). Watching the friendly rivalry between these two seasoned veterans of the metaverse was hilarious! Thank you so much for inviting me along, Drax! I had a wonderful time! I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if this becomes a regular live-streamed event. The Drax and Strawberry and Richardus and Ryan Show. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?? I think Drax may even copyright the term “Atlas Hopping” LOL!

(The picture in this post was a screengrab from Strawberry Singh’s live stream on YouTube.  We were at the Felsenmeer experience, admiring one of Silas Merlin’s artistic creations up close.)